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Welcome to Gocco Doodle! This app allows you to show off your wonderful doodles all around the world. Kids can choose from varieties of cool themes to draw on and use magical brushes with sound and special effects. The lines you’ve drawn will start moving and their doodles will turn into a fun movie!

We want kids to have fun with kids all over the world by sharing their doodles. This is what we are passionate about. We hope you and your child will jointly enjoy drawing and have massive fun on this world stage.


How to Play

Just doodle


Choose a theme you would like to work on. You can use magical brushes with unique sound and many colors.


After you finish your doodles, choose your national flag and take a picture. Your kids will automatically transform into a funny painter.


Look at you doodle


Look at doodles created by kids all around the world. Put a heart on the ones you likes and praise them.


The doodles will show of the path they’ve taken while drawing in a movie. You will now how your friends worked on their doodles.


The lines in the doodles will move at once. Wisely use the moving and not moving brush and create your original movie!


Hold on to the trash box for 3 seconds and you can delete the doodles you don’t want to save. You can save your doodle in your device and share them via Facebook and email.


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